Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buyout! And reading 4/4

Dear Megs,

No baking recently, with exams approaching fast. But, I want to tell everyone (all 9 people who read this, that is) to go out immediately and get a copy of Alex Irvine's new book, Buyout. Better yet, call your local bookstore and make sure they have it. I like to use a dose of shame, when I call (you know, he's local), though that's not entirely fair because everyplace I called had it already. It's good, and there are good reviews out there if you don't want to believe his wife.

I think this cover is so great. Love the subversiveness of the black title; love the chilling column of text: every man has a price. There was one stupid review at the Portland Phoenix where the reviewer said something about how Alex should have done a better job of making us understand why the bad guys valued money above human life. Um, hello? If Alex - or anyone - could make us understand why *anyone* valued money above human life the Nobel people would be holding on line 2. But evil, or, not even evil, just the uglier side of human nature, always seems incomprehensible to those who believe in the Golden Rule. Bad guys are caricatural? Um, hello? Ever heard of the mafia? How's that for caricature. Yes, I used a period instead of a question mark there on purpose. That said, the mafia certainly exist(ed) and no one needed too much of a psychoanalytical explanation of how or why. Hitler? The sheer magnitude of his evil makes him more of a caricature than any other (except for all the killing). And yet, a human. How to explain this?

*sigh* that felt good. It's been a while since I had a good rant. So, I know *you* can't come, Megs, but Alex is reading at the Maine Festival of the Book on Saturday, April 4. 12h30 pm. At the Abromson Center on USM's campus. Directions on festival website. EVERYONE COME!




  1. Will Alex be signing the new book during his Festival of the Book presentation? Or should I wait for his Longfellow Books appearance?

  2. He will be signing at the Festival, but there will be BEER at the Longfellow thing. I suggest you come to both!