Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alex's birthday

Dear Megs,

So, this may be a long blog...I have lots of news and pictures. Just a warning. Also, your whoopie pies are gorgeous. I *did* grow up on them, but the frosting is a funny question. I do think they are probably better with buttercream frosting, but the traditional frosting is wetter and lighter than a buttercream. Alex says it's almost like twinkie frosting, but I'm not sure I can follow him down that road.

So, Alex's party was nice, and I spent the first half of the day in frenzied preparation for the surprise party I had planned - Mediterranean inspired dinner, cake, ice cream, the works. Then I lopped the tip of my right index finger off and spent the rest of the day in the emergency room. We had pizza at the party, and I bought 2 tiny cakes from Two Fat Cats, which is where our wedding came from. Red Velvet and German Chocolate.

The cake I had made was only half completed, so I decided when I got home to make half a cake. It was beautiful; I wish I had had the presence of mind to take a picture of it last night, but I had lost a lot of blood and was not thinking clearly.

This was a regular genoise yellow cake, and I made a pink grapefruit curd filling with blueberries and a pg buttercream frosting. It was very good. Here are all three together:

I had managed to make the tabouleh part of the dinner, and we had that as a prelude to the pizza, with cheese and olives. Anyone who loves tabouleh should never buy it again. It is very easy to make and SO yummy fresh. If anyone care for a (n approximate) recipe let me know.

Despite my weakened state, I let Alex sleep late this morning (his actual birthday) and made a lovely breakfast of blueberry pancakes, which we ate with pink grapefruit curd instead of syrup. It was thoroughly gorgeous. I used this insane recipe from The Cotton Country Collection, a junior league cookbook from Monroe, LA, and my favorite and most oft-used cookbook. It calls for 2 TABLESPOONS of baking powder. These shits are fluffy.

As for my finger, we had just opened some wedding gifts; the offending article was the Henckel's hollow blade 5 inch santoku knife. It's a great knife. There was not even a whisper of resistance when it cut off the end of my finger and part of the nail. *sigh* I'm a dumbass.




  1. Do I see a skull and crossbones on that cake?!

  2. Yeah, well, one had the skull, one had the crossbones, and one said "Happy 40 Alex". That was the fun part of having 3 cakes.